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Parents’ Night Out- December 11 – 12/11/2015

12/11/2015 – 6:00pm10:00pm

Ages 4-6: Reindeer Flight School What if an ordinary reindeer wanted to fly? Learn how to make it happen by using the principles of flight, understanding muscles and bones, and practicing with Newton’s laws of motion.

Ages 7-10: Sled into Science Take a wild sleigh ride through Newton’s law of inertia, over friction, and around textures. Take a miniature sled to take home!

Ages 11+: Holiday Super Sleuths Take a look at the science behind the sneaky and tricky guys of the holidays. Explore the Grinch’s up cycling techniques, conduct mini money manipulations with Ebenezer Scrooge, and master thermodynamics with the Heat Miser.

Please use these coupon codes as needed:

For two children use PNO2NDCHILD

For three children use PNO3RDCHILD

For four children use PNO4THCHILD

Drop-off begins at 5:30pm

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