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Parents’ Night Out- December 18 – 12/18/2015

12/18/2015 – 6:00pm10:00pm

Ages 4-6: Polar Explorers Brr! It’s cold out there, but why don’t penguins and polar bears mind? Find out how as you these arctic animals and discover how they survive the coldest places on the planet. No mittens required!

Ages 7-10: Warm and Fuzzy Frigid cold and blistering winds fight the frost with science! Children will learn basic measuring, graphing, and compare conductors and insulators. Also, in the spirit of the giving season, make a warm fuzzy to share with all your friends.

Ages 11+: Crystal Chemistry Children will begin their study of crystals by determining that crystals are repeating structures, identifying the different shapes of crystals that occur naturally and explain why crystals have different shapes

Please use these coupon codes as needed:

For two children use PNO2NDCHILD

For three children use PNO3RDCHILD

For four children use PNO4THCHILD

Drop-off begins at 5:30pm

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