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The Roaming Dome

Sci-Quest is pleased to offer our Roaming Dome traveling planetarium to bring to your facility. This 12.5 foot inflatable dome features digital presentations and movies.

Please note: The Roaming Dome is an enclosed space that will accommodate 30-40 children at a time. The Dome requires a minimum of 20-feet diameter floor space, 13-feet high ceiling, and electrical power. These programs work best in-doors, in a gymnasium or library setting.

Each show is 30 minutes in length.

Earth’s Wild Ride
While observing a solar eclipse from their moon colony, a grandfather tells his grandchildren stories about Earth, the amazing planet where he grew up. They learn about eclipses, the ice age, Earth’s water cycle, and the differences between the earth and moon. The exciting visual imagery also contains a roller-coaster ride through canyons of raging rivers and flowing lava.
Available for 2nd grade and up

Force Five
Extreme weather takes center stage in this full dome animated show. You will experience a forceful hurricane, a ripping tornado, and the most powerful storms in the solar system. Get ready to take cover for this exciting experience.
Available for 3rd grade and up

Saturn, the Ring World
Take an adventure and see the amazing sites of Saturn up-close. This show features the Cassini satellite’s view of the surface of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Don’t miss out on this adventure where Saturn becomes “Lord of the Rings”.
Available for 2nd grade and up

Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Children build a rocket out of a refrigerator in this out of this world adventure. The cardboard rocket tours each planet in the solar system.
Available for grades K-3

Molecularium: Riding Snowflakes
This one-of-a-kind animated musical takes audiences on a thrill ride into the exciting world of atoms and molecules. Clever and fun, our newest digital adventure teaches children the three states of matter, types of atomic structures and much more. Songs include “Billions and Trillions,” “Carbon is Incredible” and “Atoms are Amazing”.
Available for Grades K and up.

The Night Sky
No matter what the weather is outside, the stars always shine in our theater. This live presentation takes you on a grand tour of the night sky; viewing stars, constellations and even black holes. Each presentation can be tailored to meet your audience and utilizes a combination of real time animations and actual satellite images.
Available for grades 2 and up.

How do I bring the Roaming Dome to my school?

Bookings are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Schedule your Roaming Dome Program by calling 256-837-0606 ext. 228 or by e-mail  


We will be happy to answer your questions, discuss costs, and make scheduling suggestions. Fees vary according to number of children and distance traveled.