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Sleepover Science

Sci-Quest can customize any group visit into a one-of-a-kind Sleepover Science Adventure! Guests will experience hands-on programs, a Science LIVE! show, over 100 hands-on exhibits, and much more! Make your group’s next field trip an adventure they will never forget.

Groups of 10 or more receive discounted admission when scheduling a visit in advance.

Reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance

To schedule a group visit, call 256-837-0606 or e-mail Reservations.

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Themes Include:

Bug Safari

Learn about the structure and characteristics of insects, see different insect specimens, look at live insect larvae and get an insect finger puppet to take home.

Chemistry Crystals

Learn about acids and bases as you do cool chemistry experiments and make colored crystals to take home.

DNA Extraction

Learn DNA structures and why it is such an important chemical in your body. We’ll extract DNA from strawberries and cheek cells to take home.


Students will put their crime fighting skills to the test as they learn about crime science. They will make and analyze fingerprints and get a magnifying glass to take home.

Glow in the Dark

Students will investigate the different ways things can glow by doing hands-on chemical reactions. They’ll also see glowing animals and even get a glowing rock to take home.

Gravity Power

Students will experiment with free fall, test speeds of different objects and they will take home a gravity defying penny experiment.


Learn about static electricity, observe a Van De Graff generator making sparks, and make a static electricity tube to take home.

Optical Illusions

Children will see how their eye works, make optical illusions and create their own optical illusions to take home.


Investigate a variety of ooey, gooy chemical reactions including slime and snow polymer in this fun filled hands-on program. Each child will get 2 different polymers to take home.

Rockin’ Rocks

Learn all about the three types of rocks and go gem mining.


Students will learn about the different types of clouds, how weather fronts work and they’ll get a tornado tube to take home.


Students will see live turtles as they learn about the parts of a turtle, turtle habitats and make a turtle craft to take home.

Wacky Weather

Learn all about fronts and thunderstorms in this class that will spark your imagination.