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Sprouting Scientist Traveling Science

Introducing Sci-Quest’s Sprouting Scientists Traveling Science Programs for preschoolers! Each program is designed by science and preschool educators and includes hands-on activities, a take home, and a parent sheet with additional activities. Choose from a program based on the season or pick an “Anytime Science” program for fun! Just get together a group of 8 or more children in daycare, play groups, or the neighborhood gang, and get ready as we bring the science to you!


Life in a (Turtle) Shell
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have your house on your back? Discover all about turtles, discover how baby turtles hatch*, and meet Mighty, Sci-Quest’s own live Russian tortoise. Make your own turtle to take home.

Lightning Crashes, Thunder Rolls
Learn all about thunderstorms in this electrifying class. Get tips on staying safe in a storm and see lightning made right before your eyes. Make your own thunderstorm to take home, complete with lightning.


What a Bubble!
Who can make the biggest bubble, the most bubbles, or even a square bubble? Learn what is needed to make bubbles and why they pop. Each child will get a container of bubbles so the experiments can continue at home.

It’s a Bug’s Life
What would life be like if you were a bug? Join us as we take at look at some real bug specimens, decide what makes a bug a bug, and learn how baby bugs can look quite different. We’ll get your collection off to a good start with your very own bug catcher to take home.


Gecko Hide & Seek
Meet Sci-Quest’s crested gecko Norman. See how he uses his camouflage to play hide and seek and his sticky feet to get something to eat. Take home your own sticky lizard that requires no care!

Everything Changes
Join as we go beyond just the changing leaves and see how everything changes. We will explore how things change in the hot and cold and even how we change. Create a masterpiece and see it shrinks before your very eyes.


Happy Feet
Just why are penguin’s feet so happy anyway? Find out as we learn how penguins take care of their eggs, stay warm in the cold, and why they have feathers, but don’t fly. Decorate your own penguin to take home.

Snow & Ice
Hats and mittens are not required. We’ll have snow much fun as we make our own edible snow, paint with colored ice pops, and create snowflakes to take home.


Magnetic Magic
Join as we explore the fun and science of magnets. Learn some “magic” magnet tricks that are really science. Get your own magnet to experiment with at home.

Chemistry Concoctions
Discover the chemistry we use every day in this class on polymers. From balloons to slime, learn what a polymer is and what makes it so much fun. Make and take home three polymers.

UFO: Ultimate Flying Objects
Learn about the basic of flight as we create some fantastic flying objects. Make boomerang, learn why it returns, and create an airplane that can do tricks and stunts.

SENSE-sational Science
Your preschooler will explore the five senses in this super sensory experience. Take a walk down the texture trail, take a sniff of our smelly balloons, and test your ears with our sound boxes.


Bookings are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Schedule your Traveling Science Program by calling 256-837-0606 ext. 252 or by e-mail Reservations.

We will be happy to answer your questions, discuss costs, and make scheduling suggestions. Fees vary according to number of children and distance traveled.

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