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Traveling Birthday Party

Are you looking for a unique birthday party entertainment experience? Our experienced Sci-Quest educators will travel to your location and deliver a hands-on program that will wow you and your birthday party guests. Each 30 minute program features hands-on activities and make to take home projects for each of your birthday party guests. We will bring all the supplies, science and the fun, all we need is you and your guests!

Traveling Birthday Party Details

Length: Approximately 30 minutes
Hands-on Experiments
Make to Take Home Projects

Party Themes

Reptile Roundup
Our reptiles are coming for a visit and they can’t wait to see you! See several live reptiles including turtles, tortoises, geckos, snakes and beaded dragons* and make a reptile craft to take home. *Exact reptiles will vary due to schedule. For specific animals, please reserve ahead. This party is available for children ages 4-12.

Dry Ice Investigations
Bubble, bubble toil and trouble, let’s do some chemistry on the double! With a pinch of this and a pinch of that, we’ll create all kinds of funky potions using dry ice. Join us as we make some creepy and cool creations in our chemistry cauldron. This party is available for children ages 4-12.

Super Slime
The chemistry of slime is messy but fun! Join us as we create all kinds of slippery and sticky concoctions. Learn why gels gel and oozes ooze in this ooey gooey program. This party is available for children ages 4-12.

Jitterbug Robotics
Make a robotic bug that will shake and shimmy all by itself! Using simple electrical components, children will discover how circuits and electricity work as they make a robot of their own. Each jitterbug is unique and participants will really let their creativity shine! This party is available for children ages 4-12.


Please contact Angela O’Neil at 256-837-0606, ext. 228 for pricing and booking information.