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Winter Break Camps 2015

December 21-23 and 28-30, 2015
Grades K-5
Morning and Afternoon Camps

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Spend your Winter Break at Sci-Quest as we explore the science of all things cool! Choose from a variety of different camp sessions to fit your schedule, including morning and afternoon camps. Staying for both camps? Lunch care is provided for free! Just bring a sack lunch. Early drop-off and late pick-up is also available for campers.

Cost is $20 per camp and members receive a 10% discount, unless otherwise noted.

Grades K-2
Morning Camps: 9 a.m. to Noon

Date Camp Title Description
Dec. 21 Polar Express

All aboard the Sci-Quest express! Join us as we explore trains and transportation. Learn how trains travel, make a model train track, and train whistle. Climb aboard for a fun ride!

Dec. 22 Letters to the North Pole

Santa still likes to get his mail the old fashioned way! Join us as we discover the technology and history of mail and how a letter that you write can travel all over the world. Make a special holiday card for a friend or family member using a computer font from made from your own handwriting.

Dec. 23 Considering the Carols

Could Grandma really get run over by a Reindeer? What exactly is a dreidel and why is it made of clay? Join us as we discover the science behind some of your favorite holiday songs and learn about forces, motion and cultures from around the world. It’s sure to be a holly jolly good time!

Dec. 28 Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Mechanical clocks are feats of engineering and mechanics. Join us as we learn how gears, pendulums and mechanisms all come together to make a machine that keeps time. Each child will make a personalized working clock to take home in this camp. Please Note: Camp is $25 due to increased cost in supplies.

PJ Party

It’s science in your jammies! Learn about the science of keeping warm, why we need to sleep, and how animals hibernate in the winter. Participants are encouraged to wear their favorite PJ’s to this cozy cool camp.

Fun and Games

Let’s play some classic games with a science twist.  Make your own puzzles, play science Pictionary and design with a Spirograph. It’s logic and fun unplugged!

Afternoon Camps: 1 to 4 p.m.

Date Camp Title Description
Dec. 21 Cookies and Milk

Mmmmmm….cookies and science?!?! Yep, there is a bunch of science in that sugary treat we all love to eat. Discover the chemistry of the perfect cookie, craft some cool cookie creations, and get some neat treats to eat in this yummy camp.

Dec. 22 Spices of the Season

Tis the season for some cooking science! Discover how your sense of smell and taste work together, how herbs and spices are made, create some super sweet smelling treats, and experiment with peppermints. We know your little chef is “mint” to learn about science!

Dec. 23 Grinchy Science

We are going to Whoville as we journey through this classic children’s tale and add some super fun science along the way. Children will make Whoville hats, learn about snowflakes, and disover how long 39 and a 1/2 feet actually is. We guarantee there won’t be any sea sick crocodiles in this camp!

Dec. 28 South Pole Scientists

So who lives at the South Pole? Penguins and scientists, that’s who! Join us as we discover what it would be like to live in the brutal cold of the South Pole and the cool science experiments they do there. We will be chillin’ out with some really cool science.

Cardboard Craziness

Once you open all your presents, the boxes can be just as much fun as the stuff inside! Join us as we build all sorts of things out of our favorite recyclable material.  Take cardboard apart, see how it gets its strength, and make some crazy cardboard contraptions of you own.

Dino Days

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth millions of years ago, but we are still learning new things about them every day.  Join us we learn about different types of dinosaurs, how they are organized, and how our life would be different if dinosaurs were alive today.

Grades 3-5
Morning Camps: 9 a.m. to Noon

Date Camp Title Description
Dec. 21 Global Holiday Treats

December is a month of celebrations all around the world. Join us as we learn about the many global traditions and the science of treats that go along with them. Taste some international food and make some of your own to take home. Your holidays will be so much yummier with this camp.

Dec. 22 Paper Ornament Making

Origami is an ancient Japanese art that dates back hundreds of years. Join us as we create paper ornaments using origami and other paper folding techniques. Make unique gifts for your friends and family and we’ll even sneak some math in there at the same time.

Dec. 23 Holly and Jolly Greenery

The weather outside may be frightful but there are plants that love winter’s chill! Discover the adaptations of cold weather plants and what allows them to survive in temperatures at or below freezing. You will even get an evergreen plant to take home.

Dec. 28 Sneezes and Freezes

Aah….Aah…Achoo! It’s cold outside and that means that sniffles and sneezes abound. In this camp we will learn all about germs, how they travel, and how to keep from getting sick. You will learn about the difference between bacteria and viruses, why you get sick more often in the winter, and what stops germs from spreading. This camp is sure to give you a healthy appreciation for these microscopic menaces.

Beachfront Holidays

It may be cold outside here but Australia sports a surfing Santa! We’re heating things up as we take a scientific “vacation” to the beaches around the world. Learn the science of sand, tides and waves, and design your own sand art.

Over the River and Through the Woods

Did you know that North Alabama has many natural wonders less than an hour’s drive away? Learn about huge caves, waterfalls and rivers that make our area truly wondrous. You will learn how rivers move, make a model cave and create a waterfall craft to take home.  Who knew that our backyard was such a great vacation spot!

Afternoon Camps: 1 to 4 p.m.

Date Camp Title Description
Dec. 21 Seasonal Sips

The holidays are the perfect time of year for some warm goodies like cider and hot cocoa. Discover the chemistry of mixtures, melting, and heat in this cool camp about the drinks that keep you warm in the cold winter months.

Dec. 22 Squish and Splatter Artists

Do you like catapults? How about painting? Ever thought about putting them together? Well, we have in the most awesome way! Join us as we learn the engineering behind catapults and projectiles, color mixing and splatter patterns as we make cool art projects to take home.  NOTE: This camp could get a little messy so wearing play clothes is recommended.

Dec. 23 No Bake Science

Cooking is our favorite type of chemistry here at Sci-Quest and in this camp we will explore cooking techniques that don’t need heat to make something sweet. Learn about different types of mixtures, density, and solutions as we make food that doesn’t need sit in the oven or on the stove. Snack time just got a lot cooler!

Dec. 28 Shooting Stars

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its….a rock!?!?  Yep, that’s right, shooting stars are really just rocks falling to the Earth. Join us as we learn about the rocks of our solar system and beyond as we learn the difference between asteroids and meteors, how to look for meteors in your own backyard, and cook up a comet.

Cell Phone Science

Cell phones have transformed the way we communicate with each other, but do you know how they work? Join us as we learn the history and science of this amazing device and how it communicates with others all over the world.  Learn about sound, the electromagnetic spectrum, and electronics in this camp “ringing” with fun!



Join us for an adventure in the dark! Learn how animals navigate without sight by using their other senses. Try and guess animals based on sounds, learn about nocturnal living, and make an owl craft to take home.